McNary Golf Club Opposes Minimum Wage Increase

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January 22, 2016
Governor Brown and State Legislatures,
We employ and additional 25 staff members during our high season, summer months. These seasonal associates work approx. 1,000 hours during the season, totaling 25,000 hours. With this proposal, my business will take a $25,000 hit in 2017 alone, not to mention the proposed annual increase of an additional $18,000 per year through 2022! Please keep in mind that the small business owner/operator has already been forced to absorb the new SB454 and its associated costs. Obviously the additional impacts of my vendors and suppliers will have to increase their costs to cover the same additional labor costs will further affect all small businesses and limit our chances of survival following such turbulent economic times.
This proposal will force me and many other businesses to cut staff levels to absorb the additional costs. We will have no choice but to drastically limit the increase of seasonal staff members which will in turn, keep more of those workers out of work and collecting unemployment and food stamps ETC thus hurting the workers, small businesses and costing our local government more to subsidize the newly unemployed workers.
Please reconsider this destructive proposal
Brian Weaver I General Manager
McNary Golf Club I 155 McNary Estates Dr N Keizer, OR 97303
503.393.4653 x 2 (P) I 503.393.4881 (F)