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December 13, 2012
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December 13, 2012

Dear AOI Member:


In the Christmas spirit, the 2012 Legislature held three days of meetings to introduce measures destined to be re-gifted to incoming lawmakers. Known as "committee bills," they are not sponsored by individuals but filed by the committee. Although limited in number and not vetted, they provide a glimpse of things to come. Below are someEnvironment & Energy measures of interest.


And Santa's toy bag is still legal. For now.


The Leading Issues will be on vacation over the Holidays and will re-appear post-New Year. Everyone at AOI wishes you all the best for the Holidays and a significantly more prosperous New Year. 

BagsAgain With the Bags 

Luckily, Santa's toy bag is re-usable.


During the Oregon Legislative interim meetings earlier this week, the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources introduced a bill prohibiting retailers from providing single-use bags to customers at checkout, except for prescription medication, or to contain fresh meat or seafood. The bill preempts all local ordinances, fees, and civil penalties imposed after the date of enactment.


The bill is different in several respects from the ordinance adopted by the City of Portland last fall.



City of Portland

Legislature 2013

Bag material

Prohibits plastic

Prohibits all single-use

Definition of



Those made of plastic must be at least 4 mils thick


Those made of plastic must be at least 2.25 mils thick

Civil penalties



First offense: written warning, second offense: $100, increases by $100 each incident thereafter. No more than one fine per seven day period.

$250 per day



Charge for



None required



Requires a charge of 5 cents per bag for recycled paper

Application to restaurants & takeout

Applies to all food providers, including food stands and trucks.






AOI's Retail Council will review the bill in January.


You may view the introduced legislation here, and the Portland Ordinance here.


EEBills2013 Environment & Energy Bills Begin to Surface


The tip of the iceberg comes into view.


The Oregon Legislature met this week for one of its periodic interim "Legislative Days" events during which numerous measures were brought in to be filed as bills once the 2013 session begins in February.


Proposed bills first appear as Legislative Concepts (LC) and arise later with bill numbers assigned.


As of Wednesday morning (December 12) the following LC's have been posted on committee webpages. These are just a fraction of the environment and energy bills that will roll out for consideration during the 2013 session. There are many substantial bills yet to make their appearance:


House Energy, Environment and Water Committee

LC 846 -  Relating to energy

LC 934 -  Relating to energy efficiency and sustainable technology loan program

LC 955 -  Relating to tax credits for energy efficient homes

LC 1069 - Relating to waste plastics

LC 1993 - Relating to restructuring of State Department of Energy

LC 2199 - Relating to siting of solar energy projects on farmland

LC 2712 - Urges Congress to modernize Toxic Substances Control Act


House Agriculture and Natural Resources

LC 2204 - Relating to the Oregon Landowner Preference Program

LC 2216 - Relating to fire protection

LC 2217 - Relating to liability for forestland fires

LC 2346 - Relating to the Oregon State Fair

LC 2350 - Relating to wildlife damage control


Senate Environment and Natural Resources

LC 950 -  Relating to enforcement of laws regarding beverage containers

LC 1048 - Relating to bags

LC 1190 - Relating to commercial activities at wineries

LC 2087 - Relating to aquatic invasive species

LC 2125 - Relating to placer mining

LC 2320 - Relating to beverage containers


AOI actively tracks almost a thousand bills during a session.