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    Thomas (Tom) Suing, GCDF is a globally certified Career Development Facilitator with primary certification in the United States. Certification is through the Center for Credentialing and Education located in Greensboro, NC. Go to the following website to learn more about GCDF certification.

    Tom has been a career development specialist for over 16 years, the majority of which have been with Chemeketa Community College Workforce Integration. Tom has been privately contracting with Oregon DHS Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services for over a year after leaving Chemeketa.

    His focus is simple: Reintegrate skilled individuals back into the local workforce. All workers are pre-screened through an intensive Career Exploration process to match skills, prior work history, and education with the proper occupation. This pre-screening reduces the risk of hiring an unknown quantity.

    If you are looking for skilled workers, well educated workers, or fledgling workers eager to learn your methods of operation, then please contact Tom at:

    You may also click on the link to his website where you will conveniently find additional information, and a "roster" of available individuals (no names, due to confidentiality) ready to go to work for YOU!

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